Hi and thanks for showing your interest in Rise!

We're a multilingual Free Company / Linkshell and are capable of English and German so if you're interested in joining Rise please provide the following information coming up!

First of all before you get through the Application process read through our Rules. If those apply to you feel free to send us an application. All your application information are kept within our application system and won't accessible from the outside so no worries if you send out an application.

Free Company rules:

1. Rise should be your only active endgame Guild (Social Linkshells are acceptable) and therefore no volunteering with other linkshells if there's a Rise event happening at the same time.
1.1 Helping out friends of other Free Company / Linkshells during your freetime is up to you but when events happen please help.

2. We'll be watching over attendance and contribution within the Free Company and will remove inactive people/ inappropriate behavior from the Free Company / Linkshell.

3. New members will have a 3 week trial period during which they will will have to attend to events as they can make them though missing too many events will result in a removal from the Free Company / Linkshell.

4. TeamSpeak is a must for events. You don't need to have a mic as long as you can listen to strategies etc.

5. Items dropped into the treasure pool will be distributed to members upon attendence rate and their main job. We do have a thread in which the Main/Secondary jobs are listed. In order to get the items you want you need to have the appropriate job lvled.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.